To Promote or to Protect?

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Back roll entry and down we went with a single goal in mind – photos! In October, a group of photographers from different countries visited us to shoot the underwater scenery in the far south of the Philippines. The results … Continued

Turtle Hatcheries in El Nido

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We have backpacked all over the world and witnessed many tragic events in the wonderful underwater world – and most are due to human actions. It broke my heart that so many sea turtles couldn’t dive because of their plastic-filled stomachs, eventually drying out or starved to death. Our marine ecosystem has seen many serious threats, one of which is the fragile living conditions for sea turtles.

Corals and Conservation in Costa Rica

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In the Tropical Eastern Pacific of Costa Rica, coral reefs have been affected by unsustainable fishing practises, invasive species, sedimentation from rivers and runoff from agriculture and human populations. The CORAL REEF RESTORATION PROJECT, held by Marine Conservation Costa Rica, is fighting the battle to keep local reef systems healthy.