To Promote or to Protect?

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Back roll entry and down we went with a single goal in mind – photos! In October, a group of photographers from different countries visited us to shoot the underwater scenery in the far south of the Philippines. The results … Continued

EZDIVE x gogoscuba – Interview the Diving Influencers

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In this issue, EZDIVE is greatly honored to team up with gogoscuba in a influencers interview project. Altogether there will be four internet celebrities in diving world to share with us their stories, namely, ‘Studio-3’ Behind-the-Scene photographer Denny Hsieh, island … Continued

New CMAS World Record

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Alejandro Lemus Nava managed to break 3 world records on 23rd, 24th and 25th of January, 2020 in the following modalities: Variable Weight with Monofin – 83 metres; Variable Weight – 94 metres and Constant Weight – 82 metres. The records were validated by judges Jaime Moreno (Colombia) and Chris McKay (Australia) as representatives of CMAS International, in addition to some tests by WADA.

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