Issue #66 Bilingual Version 双语版



I knew it was something extraordinary when I saw the excitement on my dive guide’s face. Encountered in what’s known as blackwater diving, I’m privileged to witness and capture this alien-looking paralarval octopus.

—By Lilian Koh


Unusual Komodo   非一般科莫多

For that pristine frontier exposure, Komodo offers a full range of encounters from little critters to crowd-free manta encounters.

— By Alex Lindbloom

Thailand’s West Coast   泰国西海岸

The west coast of Thailand has been a popular dive destination for years, with 740km of coastline and numerous islands bathed in the tropical waters of the Andaman Sea.

— By Alex Tyrrell

Wild Diving in Derawan   世外达拉湾

With year-round manta rays and whale sharks, the world’s largest jellyfish lake and peerless coral walls, the Derawan Archipelago might just be the best dive destination you’ve never experienced.

— By Aaron “Bertie” Gekoski.


Sex and the single nudibranch   海蛞蝓独特的交配方式

There may be other sea creatures that start life as males and later change to females, but none quite as fascinating as nudibranchs.

— By Beth and Shaun Tierney


Liveaboards and Loving It   爱上船宿

Have you ever dreamed of living right atop the world’s best dive sites?

— By Simon Pridmore

TOP GEAR   酷炫装备


The Tonnarella of Camogli  卡莫利的巨网

The Tonnarella is a long and traditional net dated back to the 13th century. Now it is the last trap in the Mediterranean Sea – and a heritage to be preserved.

—By Isabella Maffei


The Pacific’s Best Plane Wrecks  太平洋最好的飞机残骸潜点

Plane wrecks are more intimate and can be admired in its entirety – at a glance – unlike massive shipwrecks; what’s more, they are some of the Pacific’s best.

— By Ken Hoppen


One breath is enough to set you free  屏气不息

One breath is enough to set you free. This concept is both the slogan of the One·Freediving Club and the spirit of freediving.

— Photo provided by Enzo Zhao, Text by Vita Liu


Shark and Fashion  鲨鱼与时尚

Should sharks be exploited in fashion or advertising?

— By Marc Hillesheim

Special  特别报导

Rich Cocos   丰饶科科斯岛

The Cocos Islands offer a richness of life underwater with at least 27 endemic fish species

— By Steve Jones


Creative Lighting 创意之光

— By Lilian Koh