August is sure to be a popular month for diving and the desire to jump in the water is certainly on the rise – this includes our field editors, Beth and Shaun. Seeing as more and more dive destinations are opening their
doors, they offer some advice on relaunching your dive trips!

If you like wrecks, Anthony’s trip to Aqaba is sure to satisfy you. Moving south, Timo takes us on a tour of the underwater beauty of Saudi Arabia. Finally, follow Henley to Moalboal near Cebu in the Philippines to witness
the sardine storm!

Marine Conservation Costa Rica is fighting to protect the health of the local coral reef system by using coral fragments to grow enough healthy and reproductive corals. And like coral, sea slugs have a colourful
appearance – you’ve seen them on your dives! To capture them on camera, Kate guides you from scratch to success.

Enjoy your summer in the water!

Executive Editor
Mandy Wu




Two Australian sea lions play fight in the shallows of the Jurien Bay Marine Park in Western Australia. Play fighting behaviour like this is essential for sub-adult males to develop the skills needed to one day become the dominant sea lion onthe beach. With only 66 breeding colonies known, breeding rights are hard to come by and only the best and biggest males will be fortunate enough to pass on their genes to the next generation.

By Jake Wilton



Floating Together: A Photography Exhibition

By Mandy Wu


Corals and Conservation in Costa Rica

By Marine Conservation Costa Rica (MCCR)


Australia’s Port Jackson Shark

By Vanessa Mignon


Aqaba in Jordan: The Kingdom of Wrecks

By Anthony Leydet

Arab Aquariums: The Undiscovered Red Sea

By Timo Dersch

Moalboal’s Underwater SpectacleMoalboal’s Underwater Spectacle

By Henley Spiers & Jade Hoksbergen


What Type of Wetsuit Is Best for You?

By Harry Chamas


Photographing Nudibranchs

By Kate Jonker


MAKING UP FOR LOST TIME – Creating the Perfect Post-Pandemic Dive Holiday

By Beth Tierney


Breaking the Accident Chain

By Simon Pridmore


Rebreather Setting Leads to Dangerous Equipment Failure

By DAN China


Fabio Iardino, Italy

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