As the cold weather gives away, the latest issue of EZDIVE arrives, bringing the warmth of spring. The cover captures the moment of seahorse babies’ birth, skillfully shot by Todd Aki, echoing the vibrant spirit of spring. It’s time to return to the embrace of the ocean!

Whether you enjoy observing underwater creatures, exploring shipwrecks, or marvelling at coral beauty, this issue will surely offer a suitable dive site for you. Alex guides us into the open waters of post-pandemic Myanmar. Timo also shares the gorgeous shipwrecks along the coast of Croatia. Richard leads us to the northern Red Sea, witnessing the magnificent coral reefs and wreck. Ken shares his experiences on liveaboard and the underwater wonders of Komodo Island.

In this issue, we also have South African freediving athlete Natalie Rudman, sharing insights into her journey as a competitive freediver. Kate provides a detailed exploration of macro photography techniques and considerations.

For divers, the ocean is precious, yet marine debris continues to persist. Taiwan Environmental Information Association shares their beach clean-up experiences and environmental protection advocacy, guiding us to rethink what the ocean wants to communicate to humanity through the marine debris.


Executive Editor
Linda Khoo



At the end of the dive, I glanced up and saw a strange sight – a seahorse was free-floating in the water column. Seahorses have a specialised, muscular tail they use to anchor themselves to stationary objects. Being midwater is not where they should be. Suddenly, the seahorse convulsed, and hundreds of babies emerged. With the next contraction, I was ready and captured shots of the next batch being released.

By Todd Aki


DRT SHOW Malaysia 2024: Dive into Upgraded Venue and Meets Global Brand

By Diving Resort Travel Expo (DRT SHOW)


Distance Between Marine Debris and Daily Lives

By Zih Rong Chen, Taiwan Environmental Information Center


Whale Sharks: The Mighty Gentle Giant

By Vanessa Mignon


Return to Myanmar

By Alex Tyrrell

Croatian Coastlines

By Timo Dersch

Wrecks and Reefs of the Northern Red Sea

By Richard Aspinall


Dive into Inner Self

By Natalie Rudman


Unlocking the Wonders: A Comprehensive Guide to Macro Underwater Photography

By Kate Jonker


Komodo Diving: The Luxury Experience, the Underwater Magic

By Ken Thongpila


Smartwatch Dive Computers: Is This the Start of a Dive Safety Revolution?

By Simon Pridmore


PFO Concerns in Dive Injury Treatment

By DAN China


Tom St George, Mexico

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