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Dive like an Egyptian

A visit to Egypt is both an opportunity to glimpse a true cradle of civilization and sample the bountiful underwater treasures lauded by Dr. Eugenie Clark, Dr. Hans Hass and Jacque Cousteau. READ MORE

Consistently Cayman

Clear water… check. Dancing sunbeams… check. Neon colored sponges… check. Schooling blue tangs... check. Model in perfect position… check. Easy shot… uh, no. The scene through my viewfinder suddenly morphs from a dazzling... READ MORE

The Hachijo Blue

Japan is a dream for travellers from around the world who want to discover our beautiful culture, delicious food and exciting shopping. Surprising to many, however, is that Japan also has great diving... READ MORE

The Unforgettable Islands

In 1785, English poet William Cowper penned the phrase “Variety's the very spice of life, That gives it all its flavour.”  Spices, quite literally, put many Indonesian islands on the map when European... READ MORE