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EZDIVE Online eMag

  EZDIVE is the world’s first bilingual diving magazine and the largest Chinese diving portal in Asia Pacific! Distributed to 18 countries with nearly 89,000 members. EZDIVE is the most subscribed magazine for... READ MORE

Thailand’s West Coast

The west coast of Thailand has been a popular dive destination for years, with 740km of coastline and numerous islands bathed in the tropical waters of the Andaman Sea. READ MORE

Blenny Territory Saint Lucia

I ascend to the most spectacular scene in front of Pitons – two imposing volcanic spires – a UNESCO World Heritage site and symbol of Saint Lucia. Located at the base of the... READ MORE

Into the Blue

Blue whales seem solitary, though in a loosely defined pod as they spend their time at a distance from each other, while sperm whales spend their time in close proximity to others as... READ MORE