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“Be. Okinawa Master Class”, organized by Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau, saw the congregation of top underwater photography masters pitting their skills against each other for the most beautiful scenes of Okinawa’s underwater... READ MORE

Big Tonga Trip

Overwhelmed by the beauty of humpbacks in a documentary, the dream of intimate contact with these big guys finally came true in Tonga and Fiji.   Text and Photo by Yinan Liu  ... READ MORE

Sudan’s Red Sea

Visit what could be the birthplace of underwater colonies that support human life as well as wrecks and picturesque lighthouses that is truly the pride of any traveller’s braglist. Text and Photo by... READ MORE

A Tale of Two Arabias

Dive into the best of both worlds in the United Arab Emirates as it borders both the Gulf of Oman and the lower Arabian Gulf. Text and Photo by Iyad Suleyman   Take your... READ MORE