I am rather optimistic about the prospects of 2017, although many hold a conservative view on market outlook. Fortunately, we are seeing many international investors paying increasing attention to the Asian market; particularly for opportunities in China. Savvy businesses are more eager to differentiate themselves against the competition, and understand their strategic position in the marketplace to survive. So when foreigners find market saturation on their own turf; they venture into emerging economies. With China being the fastest growing middle class population, it is naturally the market of choice.

Are Asian and Chinese markets easy to penetrate? Asia is a very diverse area with its many languages and cultural differences, presenting the most potential for growth. But of course, entry to a new market is not a walk in the park, and innovation holds the key to filling a need or void in the market. With the right product and marketing strategy, go to market with the right partners and management team.

In my opinion, success or failure often lies in the choices we make. Some people may wonder what it takes to be successful in such a niche market where only the fittest survive. I can only say, whether you are a manufacturer, brand agent, comprehensive tourism operator, dive shop operator or personal instructor, you must have the correct data in order to make sound decisions. We are now in a buyer’s market, so we must, more than ever, pay closer attention to the customer journey. Customization is now a trend that will inevitably creative products that are all the rage. No matter how hard you work, you have to respect the fact that customers have the right to choose.

Over 80 percent of the world’s diving brands are made in Asia on OEM basis. So why shouldn’t we support Asian brands? With top notch production facilities, how does a manufacturer step up to become a world market leader in its category? Along with other benchmarks in place including marketing its brand concept with unrivalled service standards to boot? Managing a diving business requires philosophy and vision. In the age of Internet, the whole world is your oyster.

EZDIVE has evolved over 11 years, from humble beginnings as a print media to a diverse integrated platform with new media applications (Facebook, Weibo, Wechat and the DRT Show, accumulating over 70,000 members. We sincerely hope that more businesses will collaborate in this shared economy to grow this platform for mutual development. Together, we can create a robust and thriving diving industry, much like the symbiosis we experience in the wild.





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