As letters come and go, I notice that more and more of our contributors are either diving or on their way to dive abroad. The recovery of tourism is a welcome one, and in this issue we continue to bring you exciting dive sites, including Hawaii with its diverse island scenery, the Red Sea with its year-round diving and abundant marine life and, if you have dreams of swimming with sharks, then Fiji is the place to be on your next trip!

Continuing from where we left off in the last issue, Alex continues with some great advanced blackwater photography tips, while Simon shows you how to choose the right dive computer for you. Meanwhile, Harry offers you five options for freediving around the world with different underwater profiles.

The final issue of 2022 concludes with an icy Canada cover. Let’s leave the pandemic behind and move on to a new year!

Executive Editor
Mandy Wu




Freediver, Andrew Ryzebol, walks across the snow covered ice sheets of Georgian Bay, Canada. This large body of freshwater is attached to Lake Huron. In the winter a large part of it freezes, forming beautiful ice sheets. We often walk across the ice to our desired dive location where we then drill a hole in the ice and dive. The conditions are cold but the diving is beautiful, offering clear blue water underneath the frozen surface. It takes dedication, and a comfort with discomfort to enjoy this environment, but the views are worth it.

By Geoff Coombs


Revealing Multiple Facets of Underwater 40 Meters with Delicate Hand-painting

By Mandy Wu



Global Regulation of Shark Trade Lends Protection to Philippine Sharks

By AA Yaptinchay


The Blue Shark: A Predator of Pure Stealth, Grace and Charisma

By Monique Schouten


Diving in the Hawaiian Islands

By Tim Rock & David Fleetham

Egypt’s Southern Red Sea: Remote Reefs and Spectacular Corals

By Richard Aspinall

Fabulous Fiji

By Timo Dersch


The Top 5 Places to Train for Freediving

By Harry Chamas


Blackwater Photography Part II

By Alex Tyrrell


Choosing a Dive Computer

By Simon Pridmore


It Can Happen to Anyone

By Brad Wall


Christine Dorrity, America

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