Issue #67 Bilingual Version 双语版




Shooting a backlight leafscorpion fish and realising it’s no different from 1000 other backlight leaf scorpion fish, I just made it black and white with one spot of colour, making it so different.
— By Tim Ho


Saint Lucia’s Blennys   圣卢西亚的鳚鱼王国
As a destination that seems to attract honeymooners, divers fall for the wonderful collection of macro critters Saint Lucia has to offer.
— By Jade Hoksbergen

Cenotes of Light and Shadow   潜入地下河,感受光影奇迹
Thousands of limestone natural wells or cenotes has made the sunny Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, the most famous cave diving destination on earth.
— By Yuping Chen


Take Sanctuary  建立海洋保护区
Marine conservation is a hot-topic around the world and for good reason. When you encounter a country that is actively working at preserving our reefs, it is a reassuring event.
— By Beth and Shaun Tierney 


Getting in the Mood for Diving  调整好潜水心态
Make the most most every dive and stay safe underwater by adopting a state of mind or mental conditioning that is essential to your safety.
— By Simon Pridmore



Frolicking with Humpback Whales  座头鲸嬉戏
No experience on Earth can compare to being underwater in proximity of a massive whale, not to mention a 15m-long, 40 ton, warm-blooded intelligent being.
—By Ethan Daniels


El Nido’s Hidden Treasure  爱妮岛隐秘的宝藏
El Nido has been a popular tourist spot in the recent years. It’s hard not to like its pristine beaches, more than 40 tiny islets that you can visit within proximity of each other, secret coves, and grandiose lagoons.
— By Ram Yoro


The Game Changer   游戏变革者
Underwater photographers lug around expensive camera equipment and accesories. But Tim Ho totes basic gear that often gets him thrown into the fun diver group.
— Photo by Tim Ho, Text by EZDIVE


Go Big or Go Home!   如何拍摄鲸鲨
An encounter with whalesharks tops every new diver’s wish list. However, capturing a great whaleshark photograph isn’t as easy as you would expect.
— By Alex Tyrrell


Into the Blue   碧海蓝鲸
After a four-month krill feed in Antarctic waters, migratory blue whales travel to their tropical breeding and birthing areas in the waters around Sri Lanka.
— By Wayne Jones


Wildlife Ambassador   自然大使
— By Vanessa Mignon