Issue #65 Bilingual Version



Shot under ambient light on a drift dive outside Faial, Azores, this photo was converted to black and white for a more dramatic look and feel.

— By Anders Nyberg


Dream Trip in Raja Ampat

With the lion’s share of the greatest biodiversity recorded on Earth, Raja Ampat is a repository of the world’s greatest tropical fish and coral species.

— By Erjin Bao

Sudan’s Red Sea

Visit the birthplace of an experiment that supported life underwater for an extended period of time in an attempt to colonise the underwater world. There are also wrecks and picturesque lighthouses that that would make diving this part of the Red Sea a dream come true.

— By Tony Ho

Jewel of the Sulu Sea

Tubbataha is a Unesco World Heritage Site for its exceptional natural beauty.

— By Steve Jones


Big Tonga Trip

Overwhelmed by the beauty of humpbacks in a documentary, enjoy intimate contact with these big guys in the South Pacific islands of Tonga and Fiji.

— By Yinan Liu


Underwater Navigation

Never get lost with these practical tips on how to hone your navigation skills

— By Simon Pridmore



Shining A Light on Turtle Survival

Turtle hatching is an event that has been played out for millions of years on the beaches of the world. But now something may be hindering the course of nature.

—By Sarah Curran Ragan


Interview with UWPIXEL

EZDIVE interviewed the co-founders of UWPIXEL, the biggest community dedicated to underwater photography in China.

— By Kelvin Tan & Erjin Bao


The Big Picture

Shooting wide angle provides an endless array of opportunities, allowing you to expand your portfolios while taking photography to the next level.

— By Beth Watson


Brilliant Blue Sharks

Listed as “near threatened” by the IUCN, blue sharks live up to 20 years, but reproduce slowly. Encounter these amazing creatures in the Atlantic Ocean, the setting of the iconic movie – Jaws.

— By Ethan Daniels 


 Marc in the Middle

— By Marc Hillesheim