I always think that the diving industry is a hard industry, because the gain is not in proportion to the payback. There are some people who run a diving business but are doing nothing else with their lives. These people may be executives or owners of a company in another area, knowledgeable and successful. They enter the diving industry because they like to dive then devote their precious time to this business. For many though, in the end, what they get is nothing but ‘fun’. Take a look around you, how many friends have become rich from running a diving business?

For any business to be successful, owners must have extraordinary wisdom and perseverance, abilities not always related to straightforward hard work. I believe many people in diving do work hard, but they rarely get the deserved return. It’s important to do the right thing in the right way. I have been in the diving industry for 12 years and have seen that the following types of people are most likely to succeed in the diving industry.


Those who know how to profit

Having fun also needs money and time. People often talk about someone who is a very good instructor, or that someone’s underwater photos are so good that his or her work can be seen everywhere. But these kinds of people rarely have a profitable business model. From a commercial point of view, a business needs to make money. If it doesn’t, all that hard work becomes a waste of time. They may have had fun, but they might also get old, lose their physical strength and find themselves caught short. Will they regret diving as a job? It’s likely unless they are the type that never worries about money.

Those who know how to be honest

In the commercial business code of conduct, honesty plays a very important role! Any kind of cheating will only limit the scope of the business. Sadly, there are people who don’t honour this principle. No one wants to do business with those who are known to be dishonest; even if a deal is done once, there won’t be a second chance. These companies are unlikely to form partnerships that will help them sail through difficult times. We must recognize that only integrity and respect can win wealth.

People who know how to cooperate

Diving is a niche market, with fewer participants than many other sports. A lot of diving shops or clubs are run on a shoestring, where staff often wear many hats. It’s hard to run a diving business on your own, so it’s important to integrate and share resources with others. With limited resources, you can’t do everything. Focus on your own business and strengths but cooperate with your peers and those in other industries. The battlefield in the future may be between groups and individuals with independent individuals easily eliminated.

People who know how to learn

Times are constantly evolving, and different business applications are constantly changing. All companies need to learn about new markets and understand changes in the current one. Being complacent is the beginning of failure. In particular, we must learn more about developments in the new era and integrate them into the commercial applications of our own businesses as much as possible; owners who do not learn continuously are unlikely to succeed.


Business knows no boundaries, but it is like rowing upstream. Above is what I want to share with you. Let us encourage each other in our endeavours.







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