With the rising standard of living, consumption patterns have also evolved with the times. In recent years, more and more people are beginning to pay more attention to sports, nature tourism and other activities conducive to physical and mental well-being. There are a growing number of leisure sporting activities that offer a mix of physical fitness, education and entertainment.

With the development of the world economy, the popularity of diving is gaining traction. Diving in China has entered an age of rapid development. In the three segments of diving – leisure diving, technical diving and industrial diving – leisure diving has the largest participants, and also fuel the strongest demand for diving equipment, accounting for more than 50% of the entire diving industry.

Cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and the like are beginning to embrace diving as a trendy outdoor activity for young and middle-aged professionals. Diving, golf and skiing are also known as “green” leisure sports. The survey also shows that, with China’s special market environment, China’s diving industry has aggregated a number of related industries centered around diving at the core, while the dive training, dive equipment manufacturing, and diving tourism are bundled together in its offerings. With growing interest in Southeast Asian destinations, Chinese travelers will be opening the floodgates of high-end diving vacations in Southeast Asia and Oceania.

This year’s scale of the DRT Show held in Shanghai has also seen an expansion, with more than 11 international diving training organizations in attendance. Everyone wants a piece of the Chinese dive market.

It’s also worth mentioning that in the diving equipment manufacturing industry, more than 80% of the world’s diving equipment is manufactured in Asian; the potential of China cannot be underestimated.

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