In Greek mythology, Zeus presented a beautiful box to Pandora that contained all the evil of the world. When Pandora opened the box, evil emerged leaving only “Hope” inside.

In November 2016, the General Administration of Sports in China projected that the water sports industry would become a US$45 billion industry by 2020. Diving is a unique, bourgeoning industry that combines water sports, recreation and tourism.

Recreational diving entered China about 13 years ago, driven by commercial modernization and market economy liberalization. It flourished as China becomes the fastest growing region in Asia.

It is always a joy to share good results, but it is essential to continue to drive the growth with ethical business practices. Blindsided by profits, some businesses take shor tcuts, neglecting intellectual property rights, hindering the industry’s development.

It is reasonable for businessmen to pursue profits, but as an old Chinese saying goes: Gentlemen make money virtuously. The diving industry should not be driven by greed with shortcuts that plummet the environment or distort information with intent to misrepresent. Once Pandora’s box is opened, the whole industry would be in disarray.

In the golden age for the diving industry, we should abide by industry rules and boost cooperation for maintain sustainable growth. We can find Hope in Pandora’s box. It is more important to win respect than blindly chase profits.






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