Issue #66 Bilingual Version



Tentacled blenny (Parablennius tentacularis). Shot in Gulf of Rijeka, northern Adriatic Sea.

— By Adriano Morettin


Hit List of South Australia

Visit South Australia, where diversity of wide angle subjects, macro critters and endemic life is sure to rank high on your diving experiences.

— By Vanessa Mignon

In the Heart of the Coral Triangle

If you’ve already dived the list of sites the guidebooks have listed as Indonesia’s ‘Not to Miss’ sites, then there is a good chance you’re looking for something more; something out of the ordinary.

— By Alex Lindbloom

Secret Shores of Gorontalo

Barely beaten tracks are an increasingly rare find for travellers in this ever more accessible world. Yet on the shores of Tomini Bay on the Indonesian Island of Sulawesi, such a place still exists.

— By Steve Jones


Inspiration for Our World

The empty shells we find washed ashore only hint at the ocean’s mysteries and give little clue as to the amazing creatures that once inhabited them.

– By Beth and Shaun Tierney


Lionfish Mania

Lionfish are an invasive species in the Atlantic Ocean. They have quickly spread throughout the Caribbean and are wreaking havoc on the local fish populations and reefs.

– By Shane Gross


Learn Your Lines  

Cave diving is not for everyone. Specialized training, practice and strict discipline is a pre-requisite. Do you have what it takes to take on this grueling feat?

— By Simon Pridmore



Manta Magic

Discover the ultimate place on Earth to have remarkable encounters with giant oceanic manta rays.

—By Beth Watson


New Realities

ILoveTheSea is trying to make a difference to the way we explore and experience the underwater world through virtual reality

— By ILoveTheSea


Capturing Coral Gobies

There is many a coveted fish in the spectrum of photographic subjects from wide angle to super macro, but tiny coral gobies have emerged to steal the limelight with its mega cute factor.

— By Alex Tyrrell


Bluer than Blue 

Experience Tahitian Blue firsthand the moment you back roll into the most vivid clear blue waters in channels and lagoons that even your imagination cannot anticipate

— By Glen Cowans & Louise Stazzonelli


Explore, Create, Share

— By Irwin Ang