It’s not likely you will think of the UK when you are considering a diving destination, but Henley is going to show us how much British water have – including nearly half of the world’s grey seals. Next, let’s go for an underwater archaeological tour of the Greek island of Alonnisos in the Aegean Sea with Timo; the marine life there is also diverse. And last, Grant is leading us to Milford Sound in New Zealand, a region perfect for any photographer no matter whether above or below water. Apart from the fjord itself, the scenery is quite spectacular.

Vita Liu



This wreck, a German steam powered cargo ship, ran aground in 1956 on a reef located in the Nabq National Park (Red Sea) and it is difficult to reach due to the weather conditions and the always low tide before being able to get close to it. Most of the ship is still above water with a trail of debris located on the starboard side of the ship leading to a depth of approximately 24 metres. Coral has grown at the base of the wreck and thus a large variety of aquatic life around it. The day I took this photo the tide was high enough to allowed them to snorkel up to the wreck and the sea was flat, ideal for a beautiful split-shot on a hot August day.

By Renata Romeo


How Are You? Dive Professionals’ Life During Pandemic

By Vita Liu


DRT SHOW Taiwan Brought Its First Virtual Expo to a Successful Close in 2021

By Diving Resort Travel Expo (DRT SHOW)

Cenotes Photo-Hunting in Yucatan for Xiimbalil Ja Festival

By MalixArt



Coral Bleaching in Egypt

By Eric Lambert


Electric Beauty

By Marco Colombo


First Impressions of the Farnes – Iconic British Diving

By Henley Spiers

Poseidon’s Legacy – Alonnisos

By Timo Dersch

Spectacular Diving in Milford Sound

By Grant Thomas


Do Freedivers Spit Bubbles?

By Matt Yang


Slow Coach

By Alex Tyrrell


Carbon Monoxide: Scuba’s Silent Killer

By Simon Pridmore


Diets for Divers – Ketogenic Diets and Diving

By DAN China

Diving Medicine Science Q&A

By Scott Smith, EMT-P, DMT


Renata Romeo, Italy

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