In this issue of the magazine, you will get a peek at Palau’s tropical vistas, the rich biodiversity off the north east coast of Taiwan and a haven for underwater photographers – Moorea in the South Pacific. I am pretty sure this is the debut for Moorea in EZDIVE and I hope you will put it on your bucket list.

As coral bleaching is getting worse every year around Taiwan, Taiwan Environmental Information Association (TEIA) started a marine conservation act for all – check it out and sign up if you are also an enthusiastic conservationist. Again, freediving guru Matt Yang shares his experiences about Frenzel equalization along with a reminder from our columnist Simon Pridmore about the importance of oxygen when diving. In addition, get well-prepared by reading the column ‘Diving Safety’ if you are intending to try current diving in the future.

Finally, we complete this issue with Zola Chen’s artistic cetacean photos in black and white, and open the second half of this year with faith and hope for the future.

Vita Liu



Just after sunset under the calm surface of a shallow lagoon in Moorea, French Polynesia, two blacktip reef sharks momentarily come together to create a unique composition enhanced by the reflection above. This image was achieved by using a fisheye lens, large dome port, and dual strobes.

By Renee Grinnell Capozzola


DRT SHOW Shanghai — The Revival of the Dive Expo in Asia

By Diving Resort Travel Expo (DRT SHOW)

Result of Malaysian RAW Underwater Photography Challenge

By Nurul Yazid



Marine Conservation for All: Reef Check

By Taiwan Environmental Information Association


Red Sea Apple

Guan Chiou Toong


Palau’s Protected Ocean Paradise

By Henley Spiers

Taiwan’s North East Coast – An Unexpected Treasure Trove of Sea Life

By Alex Houghton

The Magic of Moorea

By Renee Capozzola


FAQs on Frenzel Equalization

By Matt Yang


Editing Workshop with Lightroom

By Timo Dersch


This Diver Needs Oxygen

By Simon Pridmore


Current Dives

By Jim Gunderson


Zola Chen, Taiwan

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