Issue #63 Bilingual Version 双语版



Psychedelic frogfish is the holy grail of all underwater photographers. Ambon, Indonesia.
— By Qing Lin 林青


Jardines de la Reina     女王花园群岛

Visiting Cuba to dive its wondrous reefs without taking the time to experience the people and culture is kind of like eating a delicious chocolate cake  deprived of icing.
— By Glen Cowans & Louise Stazzonelli

The Kerama Blue     庆良间诸岛之蓝

The Kerama Islands’ powdery sand beaches, crystal-clear waters and sunny blue skies make Okinawa all too irresistible for divers.
— By Sato Ayano

Hidden Treasures of Lang Tengah     大马明珠——浪中岛

When thinking about the dizzy array of schooling fishes and furious pelagic fish action, one place in Malaysia’s east coast come to mind and that is Lang Tengah in Kuala Terengganu.
— By Yen-Yi Lee

TRAINING 教育训练   

Lost at Sea     海上失联

Surface safety tips in the unlikely event that you are left out at sea as the boat could not locate you.
— By Simon Pridmore



Frogfish Capital      躄鱼之都

One of the most desired subjects for macro photographers is the frogfish. A master of camouflage, a frogfish blends into its surroundings so well that most divers will swim right past it without a second glance.
— By Daniel Geary

Psyched     迷幻之旅

The most sought after species of frogfish is the psychedelic frogfish. Hiding among the dark gray mess of rocks and sand, this is divers’ holy grail.
— By Gilbert Woolley


Protecting Our Oceans     守护海洋

Our ocean is the primary resource that supports every living thing on our planet. What are we doing to ensure the sustainance of our life-support system?
— By Beth and Shaun Tierney


Diving in colorful Fiji     多彩斐济

The amazing islands, gorgeous reefs, lush coral and bountiful fishlife of Fiji are a wonderous sight to behold; filled to the brim with a biodiversity that is hard to beat.
—  By Ken Thongpila


Jelly-Shots     水母摄影

Jellyfish makes for compelling subjects as they are as enchanting as they are dangerous. When shooting these transparent, gelatinous ocean drifters, there is an ever-present threat of being at the end of a painful sting.
— By Alex Tyrrell


Dream Weaver 筑梦人

—  By Qing Lin