Now that we are into the third quarter of 2017, the economic recession that many economists have predicted is yet inchoate, might it unfold in the second half of 2017? No one can be sure.

As an optimist, I believe in organic market forces; even if there are setbacks in some industries, there will always be opportunities in others. In other words, a crisis can also bring about a turning point, depending on whether you can take advantage of industry insights.

In this era of uncertainty, I believe there are three opportunities that presents itself in the diving industry. It is pivotal to be able to understand the big picture, adjust to the pace and make the transformation. And now is the golden moment for us to deal with new markets and new challenges.

Change 1: Industry Structure
The diving industry will evolve from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market, and the top of the product pyramid will be weakened. Simple retailing can no longer meet the needs of consumers, more customized services will be provided, and the consumer experience is going to be key.

Change 2: Product Innovation
R&D presents better products, more innovation and choice. Varied high-tech elements and raw materials are being developed, with ergonomic technology widely put into use; artificial intelligence applications in diving equipment is no longer a dream.

Change 3: Consumption Habits
Along with the development of the Internet, diving shops and diving instructors must rack their brains about the nature of services they provide. As consumers become more mature, e-commerce platforms will become the new normal.






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