New CMAS World Record

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Alejandro Lemus Nava managed to break 3 world records on 23rd, 24th and 25th of January, 2020 in the following modalities: Variable Weight with Monofin – 83 metres; Variable Weight – 94 metres and Constant Weight – 82 metres. The records were validated by judges Jaime Moreno (Colombia) and Chris McKay (Australia) as representatives of CMAS International, in addition to some tests by WADA.

Visual Art – Interview with Jade Hoksbergen

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At the age of 14, Jade Hoksbergen faced a difficult transition in her life. Her affair with painting quickly blossomed as her artistic ambitions were recognised and encouraged by her father. Later, she became inspired by diving to become an underwater photographer. This is her first interview about her artistic world.

Whale Watching in Tonga

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At one point in time, whale watching in Tonga became a yearly schedule for me. Last year alone, I spent 36 days there. In 1978, The Kingdom of Tonga issued a whaling ban, and implemented rigorous management of whaling ships … Continued

Dinosaurs of the Sea

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While sea turtles are a favorite amongst scuba divers and snorkelers, many people are often surprised to learn that six out of the seven sea turtle species on earth are either endangered or threatened. With the oldest fossil dating back … Continued

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