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Manta Magic

Discover the ultimate place on Earth to have remarkable encounters with giant oceanic manta rays. The archipelago is volcanic with on-going thermal activity. Massive lava tubes rise from the substrate making the topography rugged, dramatic and spectacular. READ MORE


“Be. Okinawa Master Class”, organized by Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau, saw the congregation of top underwater photography masters pitting their skills against each other for the most beautiful scenes of Okinawa’s underwater treasures. READ MORE

Big Tonga Trip

Mummy humpback whale hovered above the seabed with her the young calf close of her side. The dive guide gestured us to wait patiently by the other side of its mother. The young calf, not unexpectedly, ascended slowly to take a breath of air at the surface READ MORE

Sudan’s Red Sea

Visit what could be the birthplace of underwater colonies that support human life as well as wrecks and picturesque lighthouses that is truly the pride of any traveller’s braglist. READ MORE